Concrete Crawlspaces Reviews

Concrete Crawlspaces Reviews

“Great!!! On time and done quickly”

01/09/2019 – Joanna

“I received 3 estimates for filling the crawlspace with concrete and sealing the perimeter walls with a barrier to keep rodents (field mice) out and the warmth in. Their estimate was in the middle of the pack and after some online research I decided to use them for my project. They fit me in to their schedule and their crew of 4 showed up on time led by Willie. He and his crew were professional and helpful since we didn’t know what to expect. They put down protective tarps and began the process. They were in at 8:30 a.m. and out by 1 pm. Fast, efficient and very good. I watched them in the crawl as they prepped the basement, after leveling and pouring in red lava rocks they poured the cement and made it perfectly smooth using a hand trowel to complete the first phase of this job. They quickly removed all debris and when they left for the day the interior of our home was just as clean as when they entered. The second phase of the job is to be completed in 2 weeks when they return to add a wire mesh and apply a 2″ layer of closed cell SPF to the walls to seal the crawlspace off from the outside world. I highly recommend Safe Seal Waterproofing – Concrete Crawlspace & Basement Waterproofing of Glen Ellyn, IL if you need to repair or fix your interior crawlspace.”

10/12/2018 – Craig

“My old basement has had problem after problem for several years. This team was very professional and worked with me to make sure the scope of work and price were fair. We did run into a few unforeseen issues like finding a broken pipe underground, but because they have a plumber on staff, they were able to fix it. Other companies quoted me more and/or didn’t have a plumber so couldn’t complete the full job. I feel I paid a fair price and would happily hire them again based on their professionalism. Additionally, I appreciate a team of contractors who speaks to me, a woman, no differently than they would a male member of a household.”

07/17/2018 – Laura

“We just waterproof our basement by Safe Seal Waterproofing and we are happy with job they did. First we met Jason, he provide us with an estimate, he was very nice and easy to communicate with. The crew (led by Javier) was on time and friendly , the guys know what they doing and explained everything as they went along. In the middle of the work we got some additional plumbing issue and owner company Stephen stopped by our house and explained everything to us. Great job. Thank you Safe Seal by Concrete Crawlspaces Corp”

05/06/2018 – Natasha

“Safe Seal by Concrete Crawlspaces was terrific and went above and beyond to make a horrible situation with our home manageable. They were incredibly knowledgeable and communicated everything clearly throughout the process. Everyone that worked in our home was respectful and made every effort to minimize mess and disruption to our family.”

2019 - Charolette

“We purchased an older home that had extensive water damage in the basement. Both to the flooring and walls. Brian had Jimmy out for an estimate within one week and work completed two weeks after our initial appointment. I’d put these guys up against all the other companies you’ll find in Google search, Yelp, etc. They are very professional and provided excellent service at an awesome price. I would highly recommend them for your waterproofing needs.”

2019 –

“What could have been a nightmare turned out to be a decent experience. We purchased our house back in June and had no idea there was water seepage. When we found the problem we had a few companies come out and give us estimates. We found Steve and Paul to be the best fit for us. I liked that the owner of the company (Steve) came out to bid the job. Not only did he come out for the initial bid but he was also on site the day of construction. Javier and his crew were professional and aside from the construction noises I didn’t know they were here. They cleaned up any mess they made and left the space free of debris and dust. We were very happy with the job and the process. I’m so glad we didn’t go with one of the larger companies. It meant a lot to me that the owner took so much time with us. We didn’t get that experience when working with the larger companies.”

2018 Jessica

“This company did a great job at my house. They were very quick and clean work. My crawlspace looks amazing like a small basement. Highly recommend this company to anyone!”

2018 Marcos

“Concrete Crawlspaces did extensive work to our cinder block basement walls to prevent them from shifting, plus waterproofed. There has not been 1 drop of water seeping through the walls, since the work has been done. It’s very dry, comfortable and best of all, healthier for our family. They were prompt, courteous and very reasonably priced.
Thank you for the superb work you have provided!”


“I am an architect. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. did an outstanding job on our crawlspace rehabilitation. The job site was clean; the workmanship very good; they were on-time; and performed exactly as they had said they would. I never give five stars but they did an exceptional job.”


“I used Concrete Crawlspaces to waterproof my basement after a flood. They completed the waterproofing in short order and installed a backup battery system. I have complete confidence in this company and would not hesitate to use them in the future.”


“We met these guys at the Home Show at Pheasant Run and immediately liked them. They came out and looked at our crawlspace that has leaked for 20 plus years and emailed the quote within 24 hours. We agreed on the price and the work was scheduled promptly one week later. The guys were very considerate of my home and protected my carpet, floors and stuff with plastic. They were very professional and got the job done as promised. I can finally use my crawl space to store things! So excited!!
Thank you Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. for a job well done!”


“The organization and ALL of the people I had contact with were outstanding! We had two crawl spaces in our house and they did both and fixed the problem plumbing in the crawl, installed drain tiles in both crawls, concreted the crawls, and will insulate next week.
They showed up when they said they would, handled the permits and inspection, and answered questions to my satisfaction and did a great job.

I do not hesitate recommend them for their work.”


“Amazing people to work with. A+++. Would recommend them over US Waterproofing or PermaSeal any day. Significantly more easy to work with. Truly a family owned and oriented company. Top notch work.”


“Extremely professional and very trustworthy. They did what they said they would and left without any mess. Would highly recommend them so much I had them come back and put in internal drain system.”


“They are professional and efficient. My basement has had issues for decades, but they solved the east wall issues and most of the west wall issues with one visit. What REALLY impressed me was the manner in which the technician advised me to solve the remaining problem, even though it did not involve them at all. Using his advice, my basement is tight and dry for the first time I can remember. It is rare to find honest and concerned contractors, and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.”
Sincerely, Stephen


“Concrete Crawlspaces was my final choice of several in getting my crawlspace drain-tiled and sealed. Several other companies quoted the same type of work but did not offer the concrete option, for a lot more $.
CC was priced well, did quality work and was even willing to work with a few picky custom requests I had.
I’ll be honest, for the type of work their team undoubtedly does every day, I didn’t expect shirt & ties and well-pressed khakis from guys who were mudding around in my crawlspace, but they were polite, sociable and worked well as a team. I’d prefer skilled, thorough workers in good moods over cranky guys forced to look pretty in a uniform any day of the week.
I can only imagine spending your work day in someone else’s nasty crawlspace is not an overly enjoyable job, and probably requires no small amount of good-natured humor between coworkers, which I saw very evident in their work process, and even took part in.
CC’s workers left a quality product I am very pleased with.

My crawlspace is now dry, even with the crazy rain cycles we’ve had this Spring 2013, the musty smell is gone, no latent humidity even when I do go down there. And a LOT less insect visitors.
Thank you.”


“We had been living in our Elk Grove Village home for 10 years and never had any real problems, so when we found out that water was leaking in our basement we were shocked. We didn’t know where to turn so we turned to the internet to get more information. We searched for a basement waterproofing contractor in Elk Grove Village and Basement Waterproofing Corp. immediately showed up. On the website, we filled out our information to receive a free estimate and soon after we were contacted by Basement Waterproofing Corp. Once we had scheduled the appointment over the phone, George came out to take a look at our basement. He was informative and friendly. The whole waterproofing process didn’t take very long at all. The guys on the crew, especially Kenny and Jason, were super friendly and the work they did on my basement stopped the water seepage. They not only got rid of the water but they fixed our cracked foundation. I would recommend Basement Waterproofing Corp. to everyone! They are an inexpensive way to fix a leaky basement, thanks again Basement Waterproofing Corp!”

Mama Elsa - Elk Grove Village, IL

“We purchased a 1920s bungalow in Berwyn from a developer who had gutted it. After many problems with water seepage our finished basement flooded and we opened up the drywall. What we found behind was a shock to everyone who saw it — dirt crumbling in. The developer had lowered the concrete slab without underpinning the foundation. In addition to allowing water in, this was letting our house slowly sink in on itself. We talked to several basement contractors, and Steve was the only one who recognized what was going on and knew how to fix it. He gave us two price options, and we chose the higher as it prevented the installation of a knee wall. Steve and his crew took out the edge of our concrete slab, added new footings under the basement wall section by section, added a new drain tile, re-poured the concrete, and waterproofed.

Steve met with us multiple times, and with our engineer. We felt like he actually cared about our problem, and wasn’t just in this for the money. He fixed the problem as promised, and his crew was timely and professional. We had such a great experience, we hired him to do some additional work, installing spray foam and acting as a GC to get the drywall, trim and tile work done.”

How much did the final cost compare to the original estimate? right on
How does the value of the work compare to the price? I got more than my money’s worth
How far in advance did you schedule the work? 1-2 weeks
Did you find the company through Angie’s List? no
If no, what was the other source? Engineer recommended
Why did you choose this contractor? other, Clear expertise
Have you used this company before? this is the first time I’ve used this company
What did you like most about this contractor? Expertise, work ethic, communication
What did you like least about this contractor? Nothing
What surprises came up during the course of the work? None
What words of advice would you give other members considering this contractor? He’s absolutely great; use him.
What words of advice would you give this contractor? Keep doing what you’re doing.

Julie S. - Berwyn, IL

“We had a problem with seepage in our basement whenever we had a moderate to heavy rain. We also had an unfinished crawlspace under an additon. Well, we are very thankful that we had your crew, they were great by the way, come out and fix our basement. This last rain would have had everything in our basement wet, but everythings dry. We would recommend them to anyone, and they’re cheaper than the “other guys”.”


“I NEVER fill these things out, but I truly appreciate the hard work and dedication that the men at Basement Waterproofing Corp. have shown me and my family. It’s truly astounding that the crew can do so much in just 2 days! The crew that worked on my disgusting crawlspace especially Billy and Johnny, were punctual and very respectful. I can’t thank you guys enough!

My basement is now a safe and breathable environment for my family. I’ve been wanting to turn my basement into a workout den and there was no way I could have done it if it wasn’t for Basement Waterproofing Corp.!

This company is definitely true on their word which is hard to find these days, so I felt it to be necessary to fill one of these out and share my great experience with Basement Waterproofing Corp!”

Wilfred - Downers Grove, IL

“Thank you Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. My basement was so nasty that we couldn’t even store any belongings down there. Nobody ever went down there and my kids were even afraid it! I knew I needed to do something about it, but I kept putting it off, that is until our home started smelling. My neighbor told me about you guys and I immediately called.

George came over and not only explained the entire process but also, gave me a free estimate. He was very polite and he answered all of my questions. The crew were scheduled to arrive that weekend and they finished cleaning my dirty basement by Monday. I couldn’t believe it!

Now, I can easily store all my xmas boxes in my clean basement and my kids even play down there, once I hooked up a tv for them. Oh, and the smell—that dirty, musty smell that I would come home to, is gone thanks to Basement Waterproofing Corp.”

Nick Gonzalez - New Lenox, IL

“The company sent a gentleman named Joey.   He arrived approximately on time, and surveyed the crack in our basement wall. Then he gave us a quote to fix it. We agreed to the estimate, and he went right to work.  I think it took about 2 to3 hours for him to fix it.  We asked a lot of questions and he was happy to answer them for us.  He was very polite and cleaned up after he was done.  Also while he was there we asked him to give us an estimate for water proofing the whole basement and he did.  We haven’t had any seepage since it was fixed. But he told us if we did, that the work he did was warrantied and they would make it right.  We would definitely use this company again.”


“Let me preface by saying that our house was built in 1897 and there was a lot of work that was done in the past that seemed to haphazard and needed correcting. |What was though to be a broken pipe at $2500 turned out to be a much bigger problem. As the work started, new issues were discovered and the cost escalated. Concrete Crawlspace, Steve in particular, made sure that I was informed at every stage, photos were taken and I feel like the work done was first quality. The village inspector actually said he had never seen anything like the blockage we had, etc. |Everything was completed on time (even with the additional work) and we were given a break on some of the costs since it turned out to be a much larger job than we were quoted. I would definitely use them again and recommend to friends. “

Stephanie B. - LaGrange. IL

“The Company’s crew (about 8 men) showed up on time & went to work immediately once they introduced themselves. They removed a wall with paneling; removed one foot of concrete around the entire basement floor;(164 feet), one foot away from the floor. They worked tirelessly throughout the entire day (roughly 12 hours) as a team. They used a jack hammer to break up the cement floor, then dug about 12 inches down around the entire basement. Periodically, I went down to the basement just to see how the job was going and took pictures and video taped them. The next time I went downstairs to check things out, they were distributing the lava rocks & installed the drain board. Later, I watched as some of the crew mixed the concrete by hand in front of the house. Again working as a team they carried the old concrete out into the dumpster; they passed buckets to each other through the basement windows to fill the foundation; then carefully smoothed it all out. Josh installed a 2nd pit and sump pump and was extremely meticulous. My house is a Historic Chicago Bungalow built in 1927; we ran into a snap foo, Steve and another crew came back the very next day to wrap up the plumping part of it. Because the house is very old, he was cautious with the original plumping.

Side Note: They did a very neat job and everyone was always very professional. I was impressed with how everyone worked very well together and new what had to be done, plus helped each other out so things ran smoothly; it was nice to see that. Everyone I spoke with, Josh, David, Willy, Junior, Javier, George and Chuck were all helpful & professional when I asked questions. I apologize if I forgot to mention anyone. Also, I truly appreciated Donna, who works in the office; she continued to work on the financial part of things, until she was able to find something that worked for me; and she too, was always Respectful and Professional.

I would also like to mention: I obtained four estimates for this job, and I chose Concrete Crawlspaces & Basement Waterproofing because the sales person Jim White took his time explaining the process and his bid for the job was competitive; I also read everyone’s reviews.”

Laurie S. - Chicago

“I contacted multiple providers for estimates and Donna from Concrete Crawlspaces was the most responsive, emailing me back right away to get details and to call to schedule an estimate.  She was able to get an estimate scheduled and Joey came out a few days later to take a look at the work.  Joey is a blast, he’s friendly and knowledgeable.  After he looked at everything, we sat down, he explained the process and gave me an estimate on the spot.  The price was extremely competitive with the other providers.

I called Joey back a few hours later to schedule the job.  He got me on the schedule about a week and a half later.  Donna called the day before to confirm the appointment and Joey showed up on time as promised.  The work was completed and everything was cleaned up afterwards.

There was one issue with the connection outside of the sump pump pipe discharging underground and all it took was a quick call to Joey and he immediately scheduled a time to come take a look and repair it.  Again, Donna called the day before to confirm the new appointment for Joey to come out and fix it.  He arrived promptly as promised and made the repairs.  It was quickly a non issue as he fixed the leak.  Him and Donna have been quite responsive through the whole process.

Throughout the job, he would call me with any questions or to provide updates and after the job was completed told me to call if I had any issues.  The basement crack sealing carries a lifetime warranty.  We’ve had some heavy rains since and my basement is water free!

I plan to use this company again for any foundation work that may arise.”

Brian L. - Darien

This is a very important review for me.

Our basement floor drain started backing-up for the first time ever, and flooding the basement, after the city worked for over a year on the sewer outside our home.

I analyzed the companies two times before hiring this one.

It took me two years.

The company sends in all at once a large number of workers, all ambitious, all friendly.  I hope they do very well in their career.
I emptied out the basement to showcase their work, which I think is beautiful.  The look works for the Pompidou Museum, why not for our basement?

If you have a problem with a basement floor drain, plus normal seepage, I believe this is the only company to hire.”

Mary Darcy - Chicago