Radon Gas

Chicago and the surrounding suburbs have some of the highest radon levels in the country. A concrete floor in the crawlspace will mitigate the problem in your home. The American Lung Association and The E.P.A (Environmental Protection Agency) recommend a vapor barrier and concrete floor and proper drainage be installed in all existing crawl spaces. Chicago and the surrounding suburbs have some of the highest radon levels in the country. A vapor barrier and a concrete floor in your crawl space will reduce radon in a lot of scenarios. The Safe Seal™ System – socked drain tile with lava rock, a sealed sump pit, a wall seepage system, vapor barrier and concrete. About a week later we come back with our spray foam rig and install a monolithic 2 inches of 2 LB Closed Cell Spray foam over the wall seepage system. Gas, vapor, moisture, rodent, insects and other hazardous toxins are encapsulated to make your home a healthier and energy efficient. A nominal (average) 2 inches of Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation also provides a R-Value of 14 insulation will in most cases reduce radon levels.

How The Safe Seal™ System Helps Against Radon

By installing our Safe Seal™ System in your crawl space the radon gases are sealed off. The crawl space encapsulation system will bring the radon levels down in your home to a safe level. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on a mitigation system. Radon gases get into the home through exposed surfaces. Radon is a gas that is formed from the uranium break down in the soil. The plastic, concrete and closed cell spray foam insulation provides the perfect barrier against the radon gases, locking them out for good. There are home owners who want even lower radon levels. In those cases, a radon mitigation system can be easily added to the Safe Seal™ System without compromising the system. Radon Mitigation systems that use a lot of tape do not last and do not perform as well. If you ask a true radon mitigation specialist what is the best way to seal a wall seepage system, they will tell 2LB Closed Cell Spray Foam regardless if the Safe Seal™ System is installed in a basement or a crawl space.  Remember, our Basement Waterproofing and Crawl Space Waterproofing is for both floor and wall seepage. We are all about keeping your belongings dry and safe but more importantly we are about keeping you and your loved ones safe.

How radon gets into your home

radon gas
Radon gas chart