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Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. invented the SAFE SEAL™ system. The SAFE SEAL™ system completely encapsulates your crawl space or your basement.

The lovely Wheaton Illinois 60187-60189 is such a great place to live.  It is the heart of DuPage County and a wonderful place to raise a family.  If you live in Wheaton you might just have a crawl space in your home.  A lot of homes in Wheaton actually have a crawl space and a basement.  Most crawl spaces in Wheaton are simply a p-gravel surface.  Others are dirt and even stone.  No matter what the surface is if it is an unfinished surface there is potential for serious problems.  By unfinished we mean a surface inside a home that does not have a solid slab of concrete, a vapor barrier and drainage.  Concrete Crawlspaces installs new foundation flooring, drainage system, and a real vapor barrier to homes that need it.  I like to use this specific analogy when asking customers about their crawl space: Would you install plastic, only, right over dirt to protect your basement flooring.  The answer every time is, NO!  The same should be the when it comes to your crawl space. 

Wheaton Foundation Waterproofing

If your foundation walls are leaking, starting to crack, bowing, or there is any damage then you need a company close to Wheaton that has the experience and knowledge to fix ANY problem you may have.  Concrete Crawlspaces has a base office in Glen Ellyn and we also offer Lifetime Transferable Warranties on our work.  There is no better insurance than that!  We can offer references to past customers in Wheaton and our mission is to provide great service at a reasonable price!

Wheaton Crawl Space

Your Wheaton home deserves to have only the best contractors working on it.  Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing is a sure fit when it comes to your lower levels.  We work around the clock to make sure you are free from moisture.  Give us a call or you can request an estimate online!

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