Crawl Space Encapsulation Vapor Barrier

Crawl Space Encapsulation is a process.  All debris has to be removed. Then the ground has to be leveled. The perimeter needs to be trenched. Then drain tile and stone needs to be installed. The wall seepage system needs to be installed  A 18” X 30” Sump Basin with a ½ HP Sump Pump and preferably a Battery Backup System with WiFi Notification should be installed.

Vapor Barrier – 10 Mil UnderSlab Vapor Mat

Once all this is completed, we lay down a 10 mil underslab (under concrete). Concrete is porous and corrosive and can break down normal plastic sheeting and some are “chemical treated”. Our Vapor Lock barrier is made from materials that are impervious to concrete’s corrosive properties.

vapor barrierThis is important. After installing up to 4” of concrete on top of the vapor barrier, the weight of the concrete sealed by the vapor barrier will not let water and other vapors through the concrete. The water is forced to the perimeter drain tile system to be ejected out of the space by the sump pump.

Underslab Vapor Mat costs 7 times as much as normal plastic sheeting yet is worth every penny when utilized. It truly seals in all ground-born contaminates associated with an unfinished crawl space. Not only is Underslab Vapor Mat the right solution, it is the best solution available, bar none.

Normal plastic sheeting is available in various thicknesses but only Underslab Vapor Mat is truly impervious to the corrosive properties of concrete and will lock out ground born contaminates forever.

The vapor barrier also performs a strategic function. With the weight of the concrete on top, it forces all ground water to the perimeter drain tile system allowing the water to make its way to the sump pit and pump and back out the home, keeping your crawl space dry and humidity low.

And don’t forget, rats cannot eat through cement

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