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Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. invented SAFE SEAL™ system. The SAFE SEAL™ system completely encapsulates your crawl space or your basement. Most homeowners are oblivious to the impact an unfinished crawl space can have on their home and health. If a home’s crawl space is not encapsulated it is most likely a breeding ground for crawl space mold, mildew, and many other types of air-born allergens.  The crawlspace becomes inhabited by insects and rodents and is an energy depleting vacuum. Concrete Crawlspaces specializes in crawlspace repair, crawlspace solutions, and crawlspace encapsulation. If your crawlspace is damp, wet, or just plain nasty; Concrete Crawlspaces, Corp. has got the permanent solution. We offer crawlspace repairs and solutions that are affordable on any budget and come with a lifetime transferable warranty. At Concrete Crawlspaces, Corp. every customer, as well as, their home are top priority. We are dedicated to implementing rock solid construction principles to solve any crawl space problem with the permanent crawl space solution.  Many Schaumburg homeowners have chosen Concrete Crawlspaces, Corp to help them with their crawlspace repairs, solutions, and encapsulation.

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Does your home have excessive crawl space moisture and or crawl space mold spores coming from your crawlspace?  Excessive crawlspace moisture will affect your home’s air quality and your health. If you or a family member as allergies, the source could be right under your nose, crawlspace moisture. There is a crawl space solution available that will permanently solve the problem forever.  Concrete Crawlspaces is there for you to provide you with expert service delivered by certified trained professionals. We specialize in crawlspace repair, crawlspace solutions, and crawlspace encapsulation. One of our experts will first diagnose the problems in your crawlspace. We will then explain to you the crawl space problems we identified. Concrete Crawlspaces will layout and explain to you a crawlspace solution that will resolve the problems permanently.  The most preferred method to solve the problem is crawlspace encapsulation utilizing the most durable construction material concrete. Crawlspace encapsulation will a increase air quality, decrease energy bills, reduce moisture and humidity, stop pest and rodent infiltration, and eliminate musty smells and odors. To find out more about crawlspace repairs and encapsulation, give us a call today. You will be happy you did.

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Schaumburg, IL has about 75,500 people who reside. It is one of the more known suburbs of Chicago. Schaumburg was incorporated 03/07/1956, but there is heritage that is dated back to way earlier times when the early inhabitants of the area were of the Fox, Kickapoo, Sauk, and Pottawatomie Indian tribes.  By time 1870 came around, Schaumburg had become an all German town.  There are land records that prove all the property in the Township was that of German immigrants and the people who descended them. Schaumburg stayed that way until the 1930’s. Request A Free Estimate and resolve any problems you may have in your basement or crawlspace!

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