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If you live in McHenry IL, 60050-60051 and you have a crawl space or a basement you might already know who Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. is.  If you do not know who we are let me invite you to get to know us.  We are award winning experts at custom building reconstruction and we have over 30 years of concrete building experience.  We have done hundreds of jobs in McHenry on both basements and crawl spaces.  If you have a crawl space and you reside in McHenry we are a perfect match.  If your crawl space is dirt, gravel, stone or it may have cement but be leaking please read on.  Having moisture build up in the crawl space is bad, because it will cause mold and it will rot the flooring above it.  The mold spores will travel throughout the home and can cause health issues.  There is also radon gas that can get into the home through exposed surfaces.  Bugs, rodents and snakes are able to get inside because there is not concrete to block them.  If you currently have concrete these things of course do not apply, but it may be leaking water.  Chances are there was old terracotta tile installed and it has collapsed.  Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. has an affordable solution for this as well.  Our water redirection system and concrete is a sure bet to protect the home.

McHenry 60050, 60051 Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation walls in McHenry IL are typically concrete.  We have worked on stone, cinder block and brick walls in McHenry but they are mostly concrete.  Concrete sometimes cracks over time and when it does it could shift, leak water and again expose radon gases.  If you have water coming in from the floor in your basement you may have hydrostatic pressure.  Don’t worry Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. can resolve all of these issues for you at a reasonable price. 

McHenry Crawl Space

If you live in McHenry IL and have a basement and/or a crawl space we invite you to build a lasting relationship with a company who truly cares about its customers, Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing!  Give us a call or you can request a free estimate online!  You will be happy you did!

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