Hickory Hills 60457 Crawl Spaces | Hickory Hills 60457 Basement Waterproofing

Homes in Hickory Hills IL, 60457 have crawl spaces.  Builders simply were not aware that if they left eh surface exposed it would be hazardous to the home and to the people living in it.  In fact, it can no longer build a home this way according to the building codes.  Illinois has high levels of radon gas.  Mold and mildew grow inside a damp area and bugs can easily breed in the dirt or gravel.  To avoid all of this Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. has developed a system that will protect the home permanently.  This is not a plastic liner band aid.  This solution works.  If you live in Hickory Hills and have an unfinished crawl space you should at minimum have Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. come out and inspect your crawl space.  We will inform you of the exact condition of your crawl and our field agents will not pressure you to buy.  If you like what we have to offer to home owners in Hickory Hills then by all means look further into it.

Hickory Hills 60457 Foundation Waterproofing

Most homes in Hickory Hills have concrete foundation walls.  Concrete sometimes cracks and when it does there are ways to fix it.  Our method is proven to last the life of the home.  We use a special blend of epoxy to seal the crack injecting it every 6 inches and then injecting polyurethane foam.  This will prevent it from leaking or the crack widening.   In Hickory Hills there are many issues with foundation waterproofing.  Water seeks level and when there is nowhere for it to go it comes inside.  Older unsophisticated drain systems fail and need to be replaced.  Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. will come out and analyze your foundation walls.  If new tile needs to be laid we will gladly educate you on the process and give you a fair estimate to waterproof your basement.


Hickory Hills Crawl Space

No matter a basement or a crawl space if you live in Hickory Hills and you have a lower level you need a company you can count on.  Concrete Crawlspaces and Basement Waterproofing is that company.  We stand by our work and offer Lifetime Transferable Warranties on it.  Feel free to call or request a free estimate online today!

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