Safe Seal™ Crawl Space Drain Tile

Interior Drain Tile

Interior Drain Tile or sometimes call a French Drain is a basement waterproofing and crawl space waterproofing term that describes a system that redirects water caused by hydro-static pressure under the foundation. There are different materials and designs that different companies use to complete an interior drain tile system. All companies should use a 4 inch drain tile pipe to handle typical basement seepage or crawl space seepage problems. The smaller the size of the drain tile the less water the system can handle and the more likely the home will get basement water seepage or crawl space water seepage. Typically, drain tile is installed in newer homes when the home is built and it is installed at the outside nest to the footing surrounded by ¾ inch lime stone.

French Drain

french drain tileOlder homes that have had a drain tile system installed when the house was built have a French Drain system which is comprised of 4” terracotta pipe. Each pipe in the French Drain system is usually 1 foot long and each individual pipe is placed on a bed of ¾ inch stone and an 1/8 of an inch from the other and the.  This is done to allow the water to get into the pipe to be delivered to the sump basin or some times to the storm sewer system of the city.  Sometimes the homes gutter system also connects into these systems adding even more water to manage. Usually, these types of systems are connected to the city storm system. Eventually over the years the drain tile system or French Drain is slowly but surely overcome by sediment filing up the pipe and create blockages that prevent water from flowing to the sump basin or city sewer. When this happens, a new system needs to be installed because the home is now getting water seepage coming in at the cove joint or where the basement floor meets the foundation.

Safe Seal™ Interior Drain Tile

crawl space drainage systems

The Safe Seal™ drain tile system or if you prefer French Drain used by Concrete Crawlspaces Corp is designed to prevent the drain tile from getting clogged with sediment and perform better than other basement waterproofing systems or crawl space waterproofing systems used by our competitors. Our Basement Drain Tile utilizes 4 inch perforated drain tile socked in a geo-fabric that prevents sediment from getting in the basement drain tile or crawl space drain tile. We then surround the drain tile Lava Rock because unlike lime stone it is porous and can filter even more sediment. When the substrate material below the concrete slab is sand we install an additional geo-fabric in the trench itself as the first line of defense that let water through but not the sand. The basement drain tile system comes with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

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