Darien 60561 Crawl Spaces | Darien 60561 Basement Waterproofing

Darien IL, 60561 has many homes with crawl spaces.  A lot of the crawl spaces in Darien are unfinished surfaces.  If your crawl space is stone, gravel, sand or dirt you have an unfinished surface.  These crawl spaces that are exposed like this, even when there is a plastic liner, are dangerous to your health and your home.  The moisture will eat away at the flooring and it will also cause mold and mildew to grow all over.  Mold can get into your ventilation system and cause asthmas to be created and if there are already cases of asthmas in the home it will make it a whole lot worse.  Darien IL has high levels of radon gasses.  The only way to prevent radon from entering the home through the crawl space is to completely encapsulate the area.  Concrete Crawlspaces does just that.  We install a water redirection system, a real vapor mat, pour concrete and spray foam the walls to create a monolithic structure.   

Darien 60561 Foundation Waterproofing

When your foundation walls crack it may take time before the water seeps in.  Water may already be coming in from the foundation walls through a crack or over the sill plate.  There is a resolve for cracks in foundation walls.  We use a 2 part epoxy to seal the crack and then a polyurethane foam to prevent it from leaking.  This method has proven over time to be the best solution to cracks.  If there is water seeping up from the ground you most likely have a drainage issue.  Either the system that was installed is broken, simply failing, or there is no system at all.  Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. can help you out here too.  We will install a working drainage system and make sure you never have to deal with water again.  A lifetime transferable warranty comes with our basement and crawl space work so you have security!

Darien Crawl Space

If you live in Darien and have a crawl space you want to fix up please contact Concrete Crawlspaces.  Most homeowners in Darien that have crawl spaces already know who we are and if you would like any references we would be glad to provide them from other jobs we have done in Darien.  Give us a call or request a free estimate online!

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