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Is Crystal Lake where you live and do you have a p-gravel, sand, dirt or stone crawl space?  If your crawl space is not concrete you are allowing contaminants like radon, mold, rodents and bugs into the home, because of the unfinished crawl space. There are many home owners in Crystal Lake that are not aware that there are concerns to be had with dirt or gravel crawl space surfaces.  Just because they have a drainage system and a plastic liner things are ok, or so they think.  Truth is the plastic doesn’t defend your household from rodents, mold, bugs or radon unless it is totally sealed. Concrete Crawlspaces has a real answer and it will last the lifespan of your house.  That’s why we give our customers a lifetime warranty.  Our key is a drainage structure, a real vapor barrier, closed cell polyurethane spray foam insulation and concrete.

Crystal Lake 60012, 60014, 60039 Foundation Waterproofing

Are your foundation walls leaking?  Are they cracking or crumbling?  If this is happening to your house in Crystal Lake simply call Concrete Crawlspaces. We have the concrete knowledge it takes to fix these foundation issues and we offer an inexpensive service to general public of Crystal Lake.  There could be moisture entering in from the floor where it meets the walls.  That is hydro-static pressure.  Concrete Crawlspaces resolves hydro-static pressure by breaking out some of the concrete floor and making a drain system that works.  Beforehand we need to examine the household and see what we are dealing with.  We have free estimates on crawl spaces and basements. 

Crystal Lake Crawl Space

Crystal Lake is a quant town that we love doing business in.  Concrete Crawlspaces has tons of references from home owners we did work for in Crystal Lake.  All you have to do is ask and we will be happy to provide you with them.  Give us a call or apply today for a free estimate and start being better protected!

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