Crawl Space Encapsulation

Hydro-static pressure is one of the leading causes of water seepage and standing water in crawlspaces and basements. Water is so powerful it pushes up from under the footings in a crawlspace or between the cove joint (where the basement floor and foundation are joined) in a basement. If your crawl space or basement has a history of standing water or water seepage, our technicians will repair any foundation cracks and relieve the hydro-static pressure by installing a custom drainage system. One of our experts will fully explain the course of action needed to resolve the issues permanently and what it takes to do the job right. An improperly installed drain tile system will not solve the problem.

Concrete Finished Crawlspace spray foam crawl space

Cinder Block Waterproofing

Cinder block foundations have the same problems as concrete foundations but require a different approach to solve water seepage. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp utilizes several different techniques to make sure your basement or crawlspace stays dry. One of our waterproofing experts will explain each step thoroughly.

Licensed Plumber

In some townships, building codes require the installation of Ejector Pits in crawl spaces where sewer lines and other plumbing is in or above the crawlspace. Some basements need to have water heaters or sinks moved to properly install a drainage system. Some homes have broken or leaking sewer pipes or the like that need to be repaired or replaced. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. employees a licensed plumber who is certified by the State of Illinois to meet these special needs and to be sure the scope of work is done right.

Foundation Repair

Concrete Crawlspaces Corp has the expertise and know how to fix most problems found in a deteriorating foundation. From replacing failing jacks and piers to strengthening or replacing support beams to other foundation problems, we are the right choice for these difficult problems.

Materials and Installation

Whether it is crawlspace encapsulation or basement waterproofing, the quality and quantity of materials used is just as important as how the materials are installed. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. utilizes only the best materials and installation processes available. We promise to never short order, use gimmicks or skimp on the quality or quantity of materials used to do the job right. We know to the penny what it costs to do the job right and if we can not meet or beat a competitors price it is because the scope of work and actual materials used are not the same.

How can you tell you are getting what you pay for?

Concrete is not just concrete. Ask the concrete delivery man for the order tickets so you can compare the amount of concrete delivered to the concrete stated on the proposal. You should also check to see if the mix stated on the proposal equals the mix on the delivery ticket. “Short Ordering” or changing the concrete mix can save a contractor hundreds of dollars.

As a rule, drain tile needs to be surrounded by 1 cubic foot of lava rock per 3 linear foot of drain tile installed. Most contractors use 1/2 cubic foot bags which means 66 bags of lava rock will be needed for 100 linear feet of drain tile. A contractor can save even more money by not installing the right amount of rock. The quality of the sump pumps used makes a big difference as well. 

Spray Foam Insulation is not just spray foam insulation. Open Cell is cheaper than Closed Cell Spray Foam and can make a contractor hundreds if not thousands of dollars extra. The problem? Open Cell Spray Foam should never be installed in a crawl space or an attic. See the information we have on Spray Foam Insulation for more detailed information.

The Bottom Line

There is a difference between contractors. Concrete is not just concrete. Spray Foam is not just spray foam. Lets face it. There are good mechanics and bad mechanics, good lawyers and bad lawyers. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp promises to never sacrifice the quality or quantity of material just to be cheaper than our competitors. Remember price is not always the best choice. An educated customer is our best customer, and it usually does not cost that much more to get the best.