Concrete Crawlspaces Reviews

Window Wells & Window Well Replacements

Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. has installed or window wellreplaced 100’s of window wells and installed even more Egress Windows. Window wells do not last forever. Window wells rust, rot and become detached from the foundation.  Some window wells come with drains others do not.  Proper installation and proper drainage are necessary to keeping your basement dry and to prevent water from overflowing into the basement. Window well drains do not last forever usually due to lack of maintenance. We find quite a few window wells filled with leaves, branches, plastic wrappers and other items that do not belong in a window well.  If there is a window well drain with leaves and branches accumulating over a period of time or even years, they bio degrade and fill the drain with dirt. A window requires regular maintenance and cleaning to keep foreign objects form clogging the drain.  It is also amazing how many window wells we find that do have covers to keep out foreign objects. Window well covers are essential to the life span of the window well itself and especially to the drain. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. provides a complete reliable solution for all your window well replacement needs that can include proper drainage if possible.

Egress Window Installation

Egress windows allow anegress window installation escape route in case of fire. All basements should have two routes of escape. One can be the stairs in which you enter the basement.  The other should be an escape window or egress window.  All basements that have bedrooms need to have an egress window in each bedroom.  All egress windows must meet strict code requirements. Check your village for their requirements.

Window Well Drains

atrium strainersConcrete Crawlspaces Corp utilizes precision saw cuts to make sure the new egress window fits properly. Exact size window wells are selected and ladders, when needed are provided.  Custom window well covers are available. Window well drains can be installed but additional work maybe required. All window well drains we use are secured with Atrium Strainers to make it less likely to get covered by leaves and debris. Maintenance is still critical to keeping the strainer free from obstructions.