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Basement Waterproofing - Chicago Land Area

Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. utilizes proven waterproofing, water redirection and sewer back up prevention systems to make sure your basement or crawl space stays dry. Concrete, cinder block, old stone foundations require different techniques and systems to solve the water seepage.  One of our experts will find the cause(s) of the problem and provide an itemized written proposal to solve the problem. Guaranteed!

What’s Causing the Water Seepage?

Water and high moisture levels will cause mold, rot wood, rust duct work and cause health problems for people who have allergies. Foundation Cracks will let Radon Gas seep into the home. Radon Gas is odorless and tasteless and can cause lung cancer. Broken or clogged Exterior Drain Tile, Foundation Cracks, failed Window-Well Drains, Sewer Backup and landscaping issues are the problems we solve every day.

Basement Waterproofing - How is the Water Getting in?

This basement has multiple water seepage issues. Can you see them? We cannot see through drywall either. Where the water is getting in, the drywall will have to be removed to find the problem. Please read further. It’s very important.

basement water seepage issues

How is the water getting in?

The diagram below shows all the possible ways water can make its way into a basement or crawl space.
It is critical to know how the water is getting in your basement or crawl space. Without knowing how the water is getting in you cannot know how to fix it and the cost associated with it.

When the water intrusion is actually happening the homeowner should take video and pictures of the event. If your basement is finished you might have to remove drywall or paneling to see how the water is getting in. In cases where the water has stopped coming in, a garden hose can be placed at the outside next to the foundation where the interior water evidence is located. Run the water until the water comes in (it might take awhile but it is worth it) and then remove the paneling and take pictures and video to document the source. With this information we can tell you what the problem is, how to fix it and the cost to fix it.

basement water seepage
basement water seepage
Water is coming over the top of the foundation and rotting out the sill plate. Bad News!
foundation crack
Foundation Failing - Crack was repaired with no warranty because wall is moving and falling apart.
basement water seepage
Water is coming in at the cove joint, where basement floor meets the foundation wall.
bad drainage system
Improperly install drain tile system. Wall seepage system not installed. All had to be torn out and done right.
broken sewer system
We were installing a drain tile system for this customer when we found this. Believe it or not this is a cast iron sewer line that rusted away completely. It is unrecognizable. The complete system had to be replaced. Fortunately we are a Licensed Plumbing Contractor and were able to complete the work.
sewer back up
sewer back up

The picture to the left shows how powerful the pressure can get from sewer backup. It blew off the clean-out cap and flooded this basement with human waste, toilet paper, hygiene products and other harmful contaminants. The picture above got sewer back up after just 2 inches of rain over 2 days.

Basement window wells can be a major problem and a source of water seepage, In this picture you can clearly see that the drain, if there is one, is not properly draining. This much water creates pressure and can actually break the window, flooding your basement. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. has the answer. One of our experts can explain how to solve this issue.

Give us a call, or fill out the contact form on this page, and have one of our trained professionals come out and inspect the issue for your. We will provide you with a deep analysis of what is going on in your basement!