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Often imitated but never equaled.

Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. is the leading innovator and has set the standard in the crawl space encapsulation industry. We keep raising the bar to become even better which has resulted in Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. becoming the most copied crawl space encapsulation company in the industry. We have the training and certification to prove we are the best. Although it is hard to truly compare apples to apples, we usually can meet our competitors price but ultimately it usually does not cost much more to get the best.

Our consultant(s) always gets into the crawl space to perform a thorough inspection and thoroughly explain the problems we find and how we are going to fix the problem. Did the “other guys” get in and actually see what the problem is?

What Makes Us Different

  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. installs only 2 lb. Closed Cell Spray Foam Insulation that meets ICC Building Code Standards that pass Air Barrier, Vapor Barrier and Flame Spread (NFPA 286 ROOM CORNER TEST) Tests set forth by the ICC. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. will not sacrifice your safety to make more money or be more competitive.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. utilizes a Customer Management System, Electronic Proposals, Laptops and Cameras to insure information is not lost and to insure accurate details and the exact scope of work is delivered to our customers.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. was the first to install true Concrete Vapor Barriers to insure complete encapsulation.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. was the first to install Sealed Drainage Systems for even lower humidity levels.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. installs Lava Rock at a Ratio of 1 Cubic Foot per 3 Linear Feet of Drain Tile for proper water flow to sump basin.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. was the first to utilize Pressure Washers to thoroughly clean your sidewalks, driveway and street and minimize water consumption.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. was the first use Licensed Plumbers for Sewer and Plumbing Problems found in your home.
  • Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. repairs and installs support beams, footings and jacks to stabilize deteriorating structures.

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

All of our employees and equipment are fully insured and we carry one million dollars in liability insurance. Our highly trained and experienced personnel are at your service. Concrete Crawlspaces Corp is committed to providing outstanding service to you and a great place to work for our staff.

Lifetime Transferable Warranty

Concrete Crawlspaces Corp, an Illinois Corporation, hereby warranties all work and materials, per specifications of signed agreements. Concrete Crawlspace will fix or replace any failure in the workmanship or provided materials, or the performance of the materials used, at absolutely no cost to you. Customer satisfaction and performance is our guarantee.

Concrete Crawlspaces Company Party

Honest, hard working, experienced people make the difference!

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