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 "This is to inform you that from the moment Jim O'Donnell came into our home until the spray foam was finished, my wife and I had never been more impressed with the professionalism and courtesy extended to us. First of all, we had a nasty crawlspace and wanted it cemented in. This crew came to our home promptly as scheduled and went right to work. Protecting the decor of our home was a priority with this crew – and they did. Secondly, the foam installer was just as courteous, concerned and professional. We are especially pleased with the outcome of our crawlspace, it looks brand new. We do not hesitate to recommend this company to others. Thank you!"

Don Parker
Elk Grove Village, IL


"Getting concrete installed in our crawlspace immediately cut down on dust & odors. But the real treat came 5 days later when spray foam insulation was installed. We were able to turn down our thermostat by 2 degrees (In February) and our floors now stay warm. Go Foam Inc. handled all details in a professional manner from the scheduler to the installers. They laid down floor protection and installed the foam effectively, sealing all crevices where air could penetrate. The team was efficient & customer friendly. We would highly recommend this company and it's products/services to anyone."

Jim & Pauli Graziano

Westmont, IL



Many thanks to your wonderful crew who surfaced our crawl space on Monday, October 25, 2010. They arrived on time and carefully removed all the items we had stored in that area. They did all the necessary preparations and were ready for the concrete delivery with plenty of time to spare.

We especially appreciate the care they took to protect the areas in which they worked. The job was done within the specified time frame and the crawl space never looked better.Thanks again to your company and the crew that did our crawl space.

Fred and Dorothy

Oak Grove Drive
Huntley, Illinois

 I have been meaning to write for a long time, sometime life just gets in the way!

One day last summer I received a call that one of you customer service reps would be in my area asking if I would like an estimate. I was almost 9 months pregnant at the time, just 2 weeks from my due date. My husband urged me to cancel the appointment because we did not have the money or the inclination to “fix” our crawl. For reasons unknown to me, I didn’t cancel and when Andy showed up for my appointment I figured I would just take the information and keep it for consideration.

What Andy found when we uncovered the crawl was a huge mess. I don’t want to go into detail, but there were cracked pipes, standing water; a big disaster in my 18 inch high crawlspace that we would not have known about if it were not for this appointment. Personally, if I were Andy I would have walked away from that mess and never looked back! But Andy was so kind and caring! He said that he would do whatever was in him power to help me out. Within the week Andy was back at my house with Jim to inspect the plumbing. It was not a pretty process but Jim was great! He inspected the plumbing and came out very dirty, but with a solution!

Jim and another gentleman (I am sorry, I don’t remember his name) came back the next day, which was a Saturday, and spent the entire day in my dirty, slimy, disgusting crawlspace rebuilding my plumbing. I was just days from my due date at this time, 5 to be exact, and Andy and another gentleman from the office were calling to check on the progress and to set up clean-up and encapsulation of the crawl.

As I stated earlier, we did not have the money to even start this project, so I had to borrow the money from my dad. He was pressuring me to get a second estimate, a second opinion. So I called 3 other crawlspace companies, not one of them would even come out and look at my crawlspace because the clearance was only 18 inches. So we went ahead and scheduled my service. Andy, Jim, and the other gentleman in the office (maybe his name was Nick) were adamant about getting the work done BEFORE my baby came so that I could bring her home to a clean and safe environment! I believe that a previously scheduled service was changed just so they could get the work done before the baby came!

Jim and his crew were back the following Monday, 2 days before my due date. The crew was hardworking and polite! Jim got to spend another day delightful day down in the swamp I like to call my crawlspace! They worked fast in the small space and even though it took all day they were all in good spirits, pleasant to be around, and left the whole area well better than they found it! Jim even made a new “lid” for my crawlspace entrance.

As Jim and the crew took off after a long and hard day of work, I felt such a feeling of relief that my home was now safe for my baby who was coming soon and I also felt my first contraction. Aubrey Noelle Panozzo was born the next day and it felt wonderful to bring her home to a cleaner and safer environment. If it weren’t for your company calling about an estimate, and the hard work of Andy, Jim and the rest of the crew I would have brought my baby girl home to a house that could have made her sick!

Aubrey is now 7 months old and I have often looked back on the events that led me to work with your company. I think now as my baby is beginning to crawl, how lucky I am that my crawl space is clean and dry, that my house no longer has that musty smell, and that whatever was growing in that damp, dank, musty crawl can no longer hurt me or my baby. Andy, Jim, and everyone else who worked to help me out are heroes in my eyes. They did not know me but they were diligent about helping me out so that my baby could come home to a clean and safe environment. I was very lucky! I just wanted a chance to say thank you to all of the men who worked so hard to help me out! Their kindness and generosity did not go unnoticed or unappreciated! God sent me some guardian angels and they were driving “Concrete Crawlspaces” trucks! Thank you everyone!


Joanna Panozzo

Crete Elementary
The Coolest 4th Grade Teacher in the World



Gentleman, as I know you are co-owned please share this letter:

I was most impressed when I met Brian as a sales person. Well groomed, neat care, professional and very knowledgeable. Then I met Steve, John and the actual work force that delivered your product. To say I saw hard work would not say near enough! I saw integrity, honesty, and most important humility. What a great experience for myself. My life was changed talking with all of the guys.

I am so glad our paths crossed in this nutty world. You have a great product, but most importantly sincere people who deliver and install. Please use us as a reference anytime! Your character is refreshing in this world!


Boys & Girls Club of Lake County

PS: I cannot tell you the last time (I took time) to write a business thank you….



Please accept my thank you for all the “extra” effort of you added to our teen center effort. It’s not often our projects at the club finish as well as they begin! Although this was another job, I personally want you to know what this will mean for the kids. Soon, they have a small place to “hangout”. Few of them have a home situation to relax, be a teenager, laugh and grow.

Thanks to you it will happen!

Jerry & Bernie

I just wanted to drop a note of thanks to you and your crew for such a great experience. Our crawlspace was a complete mess and sent a moldy smell through our house before it was fixed. The crew, led by Ted I believe, was great. Very nice, honest, hardworking, respectful guys who got the job done in 2 days and left NO trace of dirt or mud in the house which is very important since I have a toddler running around. I was always kept in the loop on everything that was being done so that there weren’t any surprises later on. When I had the Village inspector come out for his mandatory inspection, he was even impressed with the work and everything passed the first visit. Now that our crawlspace is fixed, there is no more moldy smell throughout the house, we have extra storage, which is a MAJOR plus, and I don’t mind going down there now to store stuff away.

Thanks again!

Crissy Johnston
Elk Grove Village, IL

I usually don't write to companies to say "thanks" but your company deserves it. I just wanted to write to thank you for a job well done. I couldn't be more pleased with my crawlspace. I was especially pleased that you fit me in right away and did what you had to do to get the job done on time. Also, the communication between your staff and myself was excellent. Your staff was there to answer my questions, even after hours. The combination of price, service, quality, and the friendliness of your staff exceeded my expectations. The preparation, installation, and everything else went exactly as described on your web-site. Further, there were no surprises in the end with respect to the work performed or the price. Everything went as planned and quoted. I can't say that for many companies. Also, the main problem – the radon level, previously 14 (well above the 4.0 EPA action level) has been reduced to 1.8 on average (safely below the EPA action level). I would definitely recommend Concrete Crawlspaces Corp. to anyone looking to have a great concrete crawlspace.

Eric Allen
Manhattan, IL 60442

Thanks for sending such a good crew. They were all very polite and courteous and friendly. They worked very hard and did an excellent job of working through the problems that arised. As a customer Sandi and I felt that we were very well taken care of. We are very happy with our new crawl space.

Jim Heal
Pleasant Prairie, WI

We just wanted to write to you and express our delight at the job you guys did with our old smelly and dirty crawlspace. In about 5 hours on April 26th you turned our funky space into something clean and breathable.

The crew that came out, headed by I believe Steve, did a totally professional job in cleaning out the debris and pouring in the concrete and cleaning up afterwards. The four men here were just nice people and in this day and age is sometimes hard to find, especially considering the dirty hard work they had to do.

We could not forget George. On April 5th, he came out to give the estimate. My wife thought he was charming and sincere. I of course may not say charming, but again a "good" guy who I liked. He sold us on your company.

Of course, this job is a one shot deal and we won't see you folks again but it was great doing business with you. Wishing you success in your business.

Tom and Gail Slowinski
Chicago, IL

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