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Why Concrete is the Best Crawl Space Encapsulation Method

There are many factors that make concrete a better crawl space encapsulation method then plastic. the biggest is the fact that plactic can rip, tear, or have hole punctured in it. Concrete obviously is a lot more durable pruduct. To top off our encapsulated method for crawl spaces we use a closed cell spray foam insulation. Our method for sealing crawl spaces ensures that the moisture is locked out from all areas.

Our Crawl Space Encapsulation System

The first thing we do is we will trench the perimiter of the crawl space to install a drain tile system. Next we dig down to install a sump pump pit in the crawl space. We connect the drain tile to the sump pit and surround the pit and drain tile with lava stone. The lava stone is important in protecting the drain tile from clogging. The next step in our encapsulation process is to install drainage board on the walls that is connected to the drain tile. Drainage Board is a rigid plastic board that will lead any water tht may happen to come over the foundation wall into the drain tile. It also protects against any future foundation cracks that may occur. Once the drian tile is laid, the sump pump and pit are installed, and the drainage board is up we place a plastic vapor barrier on the ground. Next we install the concrete which finished off to protect the vapor barrier and give you some structural support. The final step to our crawl space encapsulation system is our closed cell spray foam. The closed cell spray foam insulation provides an air barrier and a moisture barrier. You now have a totally encapsulated crawl space, becasue the spray foam creates a monolithic structure.

Finding the Right Crawl Space Encapsulation Contractor

To be sure you are getting what you pay for ask the concrete delivery man for the order tickets so you can compare the amount of concrete delivered to the concrete stated on the proposal. You should also check to see if the mix stated on the proposal equals the mix on the delivery ticket. “Short Ordering” or changing the concrete mix can save a contractor hundreds of dollars.



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