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Is your basement or crawl space wet? Is there a rodent problem in your crawl space that needs to be resolved? Are you tired of that musty smell in your crawl space? At an affordable price, Concrete Crawlspaces’ encapsulation system is the only permanent solution! Call us today for a free estimate!

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Crawl Space Encapsulation

By cleaning out the crawl space and trenching the perimeter to install drain tile, lava stone, a sealed pit with a sump pump, and drainage board; Concrete Crawlspaces takes all the proper measures to keep your lower levels dry. We place a true vapor barrier over the surface and cover that with 4 inches of fiber mesh reinforced concrete, smoothed off the surface with a darby finish. Our custom fiber mesh mix helps to ensure the concrete doesn’t crack. All the materials we use are top of the line and Concrete Crawlspaces will give you exactly what you pay for.  

When it comes to waterproofing your basement or crawl space there's not another company that can compare to the quality of work we offer. That is why we offer a lifetime transferable warranty when we waterproof your crawl space or basement. Waterproof your basement or crawl space today with Concrete Crawlspaces and get the job done right!!

You Deserve a Clean Crawl Space

A crawl space can be a clean space.  You can get a ton of usable storage out of your crawl space and have the security that your belongings will be safe from moisture and pests.  The answer is simple, an encapsulated crawl space done by Concrete Crawlspaces Corp.  Our goal is to provide you with a clean space that you can utilize.  Installing concrete, a vapor barrier, drain tile, and a sump pump you can have a clean crawl space.  Then to totally encapsulate that area closed cell spray foam is recommended.  The spray foam insulation adds a moisture barrier to the walls and reduces energy consumption.  With all of our estimates we give a price for the spray foam from our sister company Go Foam Inc.  This takes the hassle out of having to hire different people for one job.  Give us a call or request a free estimate to your right today!

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